Top Ten Apple Projects For Crochet Lovers

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This week, I have some really fun apple projects for crochet lovers! 

With Fall just starting and we all getting Back to School, I have been searching for apple recipes, crafts and activities to do with my little ones. I love these crochet projects and I thought it would be fun to post them here if you are interested too. DIY back to school fall themed apple projects for crochet lovers wordsnneedles 
These top 10 apple projects are suitable for all skill levels. If you have little tweens or teens, you can let them try these out too. They are quick to hook up and you can use up left over stash from other projects but best of all they are OH-SO cute!! 
Check them out below:

Apple Projects For Crochet- All Skill Levels

crochet back to school fall apple theme teens tweens 
 1. This little teacher’s treat from Pattern-Paradise is so adorable! You can make a set of coasters with it or put two together for a little pouch to hold treats in. It makes a perfect tree ornament too. 
2. These apple slice key chains  from Repeat Crafter Me make perfect gifts for not just teachers! They can be made into a Zipper pull too! I think  my kids would need some. 
3. A love everything about this amigurami apple! It is just so cute to hang up on a mobile or make a larger version for a child. They are perfect to be placed in a bowl for décor too! 
4. If you have a little baby or toddler then you will no doubt admire this apple hat pattern from Micah Makes! Fall means cooler climates and a flap hat is always needed. This is so so cute! 
5. This funny little apple cozy is really a fun gift to give away too. I know I’d want one for my purse for all the times the apple gets thrown about and bruised.
  apple fall crochet projects for teens tweens 
6. This apple coaster will be a fun little addition to any table! 
 7. I know I want these apple dish cloths in my kitchen! 
 8. Another apple cosy which is a perfect last minute DIY gift idea 
 9. Here is a paid coaster set that I just had to include. (not an affiliate link!) 
10. If you are looking for a bigger fall crochet project then you have to consider this Mile a minute Afghan and pillow set. I love Mile a minute technique of crochet. They are so quick to hook up and you can do so much with them!
  apple themed fall and back to school projects for crochet DIY simple easy projects 
 Those are my Top 10 Apple Projects for Crochet Lovers. Will you be crocheting any of these? How do you like them? Do leave a comment or hop on over to my Facebook page to leave a pic or a comment on my wall. I love hearing from you guys!
  top 10 apple and fall ideas for kids 
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