Rainbow in the Sun Cloche Hat- Free Pattern

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rainbow in the sun cloche hat pattern wordsnneedles 
I love Rainbows! I love them even more when there is sun shining and a rainbow slowly coming on. I also love to crochet hats. I made  Rainbow in the Sun cloche hat a few years ago and it was everyone’s favourite around here. 
Unfortunately, we lost it the past week when CuppyCake decided she had had enough of having to wear hats. She threw it off when we were out and nobody noticed till we got home. In loving memory of my favourite hat, I am sharing the pattern. This hat is another Cloche Style hat and it is much similar to ‘A Pearl in Summer’ Hat

In fact, it was this hat that made me want to make A Pearl in Summer, actually. My SIL loved it from the moment I showed it to her and I knew, she would love one for her daughter as well. This hat has been done in a variegated yarn from Alize and except for the flower it is much similar. I haven’t been able to find a link for you to buy Alize yarn online but it is an acrylic yarn and you can quite easily replace it with any other variegated yarn that you fancy. This hat starts off with a smaller ring and smaller number of stitches in the beginning. You can increase the number of rows to make it suitable for a child. 
I had originally made it for my 6 month old but later increased the rows to fit a one year old. You can also, quite easily, make it wider to fit a larger head by just increasing the number of chain stitches. Don’t worry. It is a fun hat and I really enjoyed both the hat and the yarn.

Rainbow in the Sun Cloche Hat

rainbow inthe sun cloche hat pattern wordsnneedles



  • ch- chain
  • sc- single crochet
  • dc- double crochet
  • sl st- slip stitch



  1. Start by making 4 ch and join to make a ring.  Ch3 12dc into the ring. Join with sl st to top of first dc.
  2. Ch5 sc into first dc of previous row. (Ch2, sc) in each stitch all around. Join with sl st to third ch at the beginning of row.
  3. Ch5 sc into the ch2 loop of previous row. ch 2, sc in to same loop of previous row. *ch2, sc in next loop twice, ch2* Continue * all around and join to third ch at beginning of row.
  4. Ch5 sc into the ch2 loop of previous row. ch2, sc into the same loop of previous row. *ch2, sc in next loop. ch2 , sc twice in the next loop. Continue * all around and join to the third ch at beginning of row.
  5. Ch6 sc into the ch2 loop of previous row. Ch3, sc into the same loop of previous row. *Ch3, sc in next loop. ch2, sc twice in the next loop. Continue from * all around and join to beginning.
  6. Ch6, sc into the ch2 loop of previous row. (Ch3 sc into the next loop, ch3 sc in the same loop) all around.

Continue around in pattern till you have desired length of hat. The hat will go on taking shape. If you find that your size isn’t too wide, you can increase the ch3 to ch4 and then gradually to ch5 but nothing more than that.


  1. 4Sc in each loop all around.
  2. sc in each sc all around.

continue row 2 till you have desired length of brim. I made 7 rows for my six month old but had to increase to 10 rows for my 1 year old.


You can make a simple flower like I made and sew it on or you can decorate more elaborately. I had tried a few different types but found that for a tiny baby this is what looked best. We have a few flower patterns here, here and here from our Crochet Challenge last year that you can sew on to this hat. Rainbow in the Sun Cloche hat is a fun pattern. It is a simple, no brainy, easy pattern that hooks up quite fast. As always, this pattern is free to use and protected by all copyrights. You are free to make and sell the finished product but please do not copy the pattern instructions and sell in any form. Like this post? Check out our most popular Crochet Hat Patterns. Candy Swirl Crochet Hat Gold and Diamonds Crochet Hat A Pearl in Summer Panama Hat Join us on our Facebook Page for more inspirations and patterns. I would love to hear from you! You can follow our Crochetness board on Pinterest too! 

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