Doily Flowers Crochet Challenge

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Welcome to Week 5 of the Crochet Challenge. This week I am sharing a simple little doily flower for you. 
WordsnNeedles Crochet Challenge Week 5
Can you believe it is only chains and single crochet? It looks so pretty as coasters and perfect to hang up as ornaments too. I used a finer yarn to make them but you could use crochet cotton too if you want the coasters to be larger in size. If you have nothing but wool… then you could use that too. Here it is Doily Flowers free crochet pattern!

First time here? 

I have started a series here on Words n Needles for my crochet lovers! The challenge is to make a flower every week.  I will be sharing one simple crochet flower and it’s pattern every Wednesday. If you are interested in joining this challenge along with me, all you have to do is like us on Facebook and comment on the post for the challenge telling us that you want to play along. 

You don’t have to have a blog or an account and you are more than welcome to share your pictures or success on our page for our readers. I will share you too. I will also be pinning your image to my new Pinterest board on the topic. It makes me so happy when people crochet! 
If this is your first time here and you are interested in learning to crochet, I’d like to recommend that you hop over to our first week and make the super simple chain stitch flowers for practice first. 
If you need books and tools, here is our recommendations
I am a day late this week. Both my little girls have been down with an ear infection. It is sleepless nights and throwing up all week now. Mommy has had to go on Safe Mode. 🙂 
This week I have deliberately not taken any step by step pictures. This pattern is too simple and I want my new crochet students to learn to read written patterns. Don’t worry. This is very simple. Just go step by step and you will understand very easily. There is a picture at the end to see where goes what. If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments. Enjoy the Doily Flowers Crochet Challenge! I’d love to see what you come up with!

Doily Flowers

What you need:

DMC size 10 or Crochet Cotton Needle- 3.5mm steel for the DMC or whatever is marked for your kind of yarn. (You can find out what needles is suitable for your yarn type by reading the label on your yarn. They usually have the needle sizes marked for both knitting and Crochet.)


Beginner Level


SC- Single Crochet Ch- Chain Sl- slip stitch


1. Start by making ch4 and slip stitch to make a ring. 

2. ch5 and sc into the ring. Do this till you have 5 loops. ch5 again and slip stitch into the first loop. 
3.( ch7 and sc into loop) twice. You will have two loops in each loop of previous round. ch7 and sc into the next loop. (ch7 and sc into the loop) twice. continue around. Join the last ch7 with sc into first loop made. You will have two loops in each loop of previous row and one loop that takes you to the next loop. 
4. ch1 (this will serve as a beginning sc). ch3, sc into the next ch7 loop of previous row. ch5 to go to the next ch7 loop set. sc into the first sc and ch5 then sc into the second ch7 loop. Complete around ending with ch5 and slip stitch to first ch1 made. 
5. ch1 as first sc into ch3 loop, 6sc in the ch5 loop of previous row. continue around and slip stitch to the beginning ch1. You can make a loop of chains and use this as an ornament too! Show off your new crochet skills! 🙂 
 Here are the steps again. Click to pin it.
WordsnNeedles Crochet Challenge Crochet Flower Doily Ornament

Joining the challenge for the first time? Here is where you can find more about it. 

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