Crochet Flower Challenge: Simple Chain Stitch Flowers

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I am starting a new series here on Words n Needles for my crochet lovers! The challenge is to make a flower every week. I will be sharing one simple crochet flower and it’s pattern. 

Why flowers? For one, because I am a flower addict. Also, flowers come really handy when you need an urgent decoration or embellishment. You can use flowers to decorate hats, simple hairbands, make brooches, buttons, decorate any bag or sack or even a shawl and sweater. 
You can even use them to decorate paper crafts! Come on, we all need flowers… Another reason why I am doing flowers is because they are quick and there really isn’t any reason to say you don’t have time. They are very simple and no matter what your skill level is there always is a flower that can be made! 
If you are interested in joining this challenge along with me, all you have to do is like us on Facebook and comment on the post for the challenge telling us that you want to play along. You don’t have to have a blog or an account and you are more than welcome to share it on our page for our readers. I will share you too. I will also be pinning your image to my new Pinterest board on the topic. It makes me so happy when people crochet! So here we go…

Week 1: Simple Chain Stitch Flowers

Skill required: Beginner

What you need:

Yarn : Whatever you have or fancy I recommend using chunky or worsted but whatever you are comfortable with. Try experimenting with different yarns and threads! 

Needle: appropriate for the yarn 

Stitch: chain stitch If you don’t crochet and this is your first time, you can get started by reading this post on how to crochet. If you need tools and books to teach yourself, you can read this reference here.


ch: Chain sl: Slip stitch st: stitch

Pattern for flower

Look at the pictures below before you look at the instructions.

chain crochet flower

1. Ch1. Hold the chain lose in one hand while you ch3 with another and sl stitch into the ch1 you made earlier. 

2. Continue around with ch3, sl in beginning ch1 till you have 5 ch3 loops. Join with sl st into first ch3 loop. 
3. (Ch7 sl st into first ch3 loop) twice. You will have two loops in one ch3 loop of previous row. 
4. sl st into the next ch3 loop. 
5. Repeat step 3and 4 till all the loops are done. 
6. Leave enough yarn and cut off. Darn in ends or leave as is. 
 Simple isn’t it?! Any questions? I have used this flower for our Pearl in Summer Hat. The hat itself is very simple. Do try it out. 
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