Crochet Challenge Week 2: The 5 Petal Flower

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WordsnNeedles Crochet Challenge


Welcome to Week 2 of the Crochet Challenge! I have my favourite flower this week. It is easy to crochet and it crochets up so fast that you can’t but resist making another one… and then another one… and then another one… Yes, it is very addictive. 

First time here? 
I am starting a new series here on Words n Needles for my crochet lovers! The challenge is to make a flower every week.  I will be sharing one simple crochet flower and it’s pattern every Wednesday. 

If you are interested in joining this challenge along with me, all you have to do is like us on Facebook and comment on the post for the challenge telling us that you want to play along. You don’t have to have a blog or an account and you are more than welcome to share your pictures or success on our page for our readers. I will share you too. I will also be pinning your image to my new Pinterest board on the topic. It makes me so happy when people crochet! 
This flower is not just fun to make but to use up too. So, don’t worry if you can not stop yourself from making too many. They always come handy. 
Just stick it on a plain hair band or sew on to a pony tail holder and you have your very own hair accessory. 
Make a button out of it like I did on this hoodie here. I needed something soft for my baby as she was at the crawling age and what better than to use a crochet flower! 
If you have little girls, you can attach one or more (in a sort of chain) to a key chain and attach it to their belt. Yes, make a key chain too. 
If you can make ten or more, it can go on as a belt too. They can even wear it around them as a bracelet or a necklace. I gave these to my seven year old son and he made this. 🙂
crochet flowers kids craft

So now, how do you make these pretty things? If this is your first time here, I recommend you hop over to our first week and make the super simple chain stitch flowers for practice first. 

You can read our How to Crochet Post to learn to Crochet from the basics. If you need books and tools, here is our recommendations. Now, let us get started on this week.

Crochet Challenge Week 2: The 5 Petal Flower


Yarn: Crochet Cotton/Wool Needle Scissors




Chain Slip stitch Double Crochet


ch: Chain Sl st: Slip stitch Dc: double crochet


Before you start, I’d like you to look at the images below. Click to enlarge it. Study for a minute and then come back to read the instructions.


1. Start with making a chain. Chain 4. 

2. Make a dc in the very chain. (A dc is made by taking the yarn over (yo) the needle and then insert the needle into the first chain. Yo again and pull the yarn out. You will have three stitches on the needle. Yo again and pull through only two stitches on the needle. You will still have two stitches on the needle. Yo again and pull through both the stitches. That is a dc made.) 
3. Make another dc in the same first chain. 
4. chain 3 and slip stitch into the first chain. (A slip stitch is made by inserting the needle into the stitch and pulling out the yarn directly). 
5. This is your first petal completed. Let me repeat what we did. We made 4ch, 2 dc, 3ch and sl st to make a petal. 
6. Make another petal now. 3ch, 2dc, 3ch, sl st in to the loop in the middle. 
7. Continue with #6 to make as many petals. You can make a 4 petal flower or a five or a six. The more petals the more crowded it will look. you can also make three petals and it will look like a cluny leaf. That is all. Any questions? 
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