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pearl in summer hat pattern

One of our most popular patterns is the very simple but very elegant looking A Pearl in Summer Hat. I had made this hat for my husband’s niece last year. It took me a little more than an hour to make it from start to finish. 

I had written a brief description of how to make it when I showcased the hat to you last year. This is a beautiful hat and after a reader asked me for a more clear written part, I started on this pattern again this weekend. Here is the free pattern for you! 


It has been almost a year since I had made it and I had almost forgotten the pattern but luckily, after a few tries and testing, I got it right. I am still at the beginning rounds and since we have the kids catching the flu one after the other, the progress on our hat is quite slow. 
Before I forget it, I am writing it down here for my readers. If you would like to crochet along with me, I’d love for you to join me! This hat took me not more than two hours the last time I made it. It is very very simple and if you have the time to sit down undisturbed for two hours straight, you can finish it too. I did that with five little ones (all six years and under) running around me. 
It was possible then because I had three more grown ups to have an eye on them. This time, there is just me with my three sick kids. 🙂 
Back to the pattern now, A Pearl in Summer hat is a Cloche style Hat. The original hat was made in a fancy yarn made from Bamboo (Alize). The hat was slightly heavy but the brim that was made in crochet cotton helped keep it’s shape. You can use that same yarn for making this hat if you can find it around you too. 
This hat can be made from any yarn you like. It will hold its shape and it is pretty easy to make. You can use variegated yarn with a plain light coloured brim too if you like but I believe any combination will look well. 
For the hat that I am making, I had a finer version of the Alize yarn called Super fine Bamboo. This is marked as being soft and suitable to make baby items. This is the only variegated yarn that I had in my stash and I didn’t want to waste time by waiting for a day to go shopping.
cloche hat simple single chains only
A Pearl in Summer Hat in progress. Notice the tangled yarn… babies and cats are no different… no?

The pattern is very simple. It is just loops of chains and single crochet going round and round. You have to increase the loops to keep it in shape. The brim is made of single crochet stitches that again are increased as we go to make it flare out and give it that cloche style. The last row, however, is reverse single crochet. 
This is a fancy stitch, very simple to make and I explain it in the pattern below. The flower is a quick chains only flower. A single pearl is sewn on to decorate and the whole flower is attached to the flower with some silk ribbon. I am still making the second hat and will come back to update the pictures and number of stitches when I am done. For now here is the written pattern in detail.


a pearl in summer hat pattern


Yarn: Worsted Weight Yarn in a variegated colour  (I used Super fine Bamboo Yarn (Affiliate link). You can use any. I like this one from Amazon: Lion Brand Yarn 881-206 Jamie Yarn, Mardi Gras) Worsted weight yarn in a plain colour. (I used white.) Hook: Size: I or 5.5mm or whatever is recommended for your type of yarn Extras: A single pearl button (affiliate link)Silk ribbons (affiliate link)Sewing needle and thread




Ch- Chain Sl st- Slip stitch sc- single crochet rev sc- reverse single crochet Yo- Yarn over hook


This hat is made of loops. Each loop is made with Ch3 that is joined to the previous row with an sc.


To begin, Ch4, join to make a ring. Round 1:  (Ch3, sc) 8times in to the ring. Join with an sc in the first loop made at beginning of row.(You will have 8 loops in all.) Round 2: (Ch3, sc) twice in each loop of previous round. Join with an sc in the first loop. (You will have 16 loops at the end of round.) Round 3: (Ch3, sc) all around. Round 4: {(Ch3, sc) in first loop, (Ch3, sc) twice in second loop of previous row.} Alternate this way to the end. Round 5 and 6: (Ch3 sc) in to each loop of previous row. Round7: (Ch3 sc) once in each of the first two loops of previous row. (Ch3 sc) twice in the next loop. Continue around and sc in to first loop made at beginning. Round 8-9: (Ch3 sc) once in each loop of previous row. Round 10: (Ch3 sc) once in each of the first three loops, (Ch3 sc) twice in the next loop. Continue around. Round 11 to Round 17: (Ch4 sc) once into each loop around. Continue with these till you have the desired size of hat.


brim reverse single crochet

Join white Yarn with slip stitch to any Ch4 loop. Sc four times in each Ch4 loop all around. Join with slip stitch to top of first sc made. 

Round 2: 2 sc in each sc of previous row. 
Round 3: Alternate between 1sc in first stitch and 2sc in the next stitch. (You are increasing the number of stitches to give it that Cloche flair). Continue around. 
Round 4: 1sc in first two sc,  2 sc in the next sc. Continue around. 
Round 5: 1 sc in first three sc, 2 sc in the next. 
Round 6: 1 sc in first four sc, 2 sc in the next. 
Round 7: 1sc in the first five sc, 2 sc in the next. 
Round 8-9: 1 sc in each sc. You can leave it at this but the professional look to the hat is obtained by this last line of reverse single crochet. You can see in the picture above the difference it makes. This is how too get that lovely look. 
Round 10: Ch1, rev sc in each sc of previous row. 
Rev sc is made by as follows: You push needle in the first stitch on your right. (Normally, we stitch to the left in crochet but rev sc is to the right.) Pull the yarn out on to the hook and then YO and pull yarn through the two loops on your hook to form the stitch. Once again, push needle into the stitch on the right, pull out yarn on to hook, YO pull yarn out through both loops to complete stitch. Continue around, join with slip stitch to top of first rev sc and cut yarn. Sew in the ends.


pearl in summer crochet hat flower pattern

This is a simple Chains only daisy. I have a detailed tutorial to make it here. You can attach any other flower you like too.


Sew a single pearl or button (if you like) to the middle of the flower. Cut some silk ribbon. I used three colours. Twirl around them around and together with the flower stitch it on to the hat. 

Ta-da! Done. If you have any questions, do ask in the comments below or hop on over too my Facebook Page and leave me a message. I would love to hear from you!   
This is a Free Pattern. You may make this pattern for yourself or even for someone else. By law, you are allowed to sell the finished product too but you are not allowed to sell this pattern in any form anywhere. Follow Aysh Siddiqua’s board Crochetness! on Pinterest.

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