15 Free Patterns To Crochet This Christmas

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Looking for something for free patterns to crochet this Christmas? We have selected for you 15 free patterns that you will love to make.

christmas crochet patterns


If you don’t crochet, enjoy the eye candy! If you are interested in crochet, you can teach yourself online using this post. We also have a list of all the books and tools you will need to get you started

You can join our Weekly Crochet Challenge and learn along the way too. Here are our favourite crochet patterns this season.
free crochet patterns for christmas

Mr Claus Potholder. This is a free downloadable pattern in pdf format. Perfect to display on your holiday table! 

Christmas Wreath  This pattern is really so simple. Can you believe that it is just the leaf that you keep repeating to make this wreath?  Make a few leaves and assemble them. 
Tree Ornaments by AnooCrochet Designs. Free pattern and oh so cute! 
Vintage Granny Square Christmas Tree These are just a couple of granny squares. You have to read the story behind it and how the idea came to her. It is such a sweet story. 
Santa Claus Crochet Doll It is a Ravelry pattern and this is something really worth gifting.
free christmas crochet patterns words n needles
Santa Box A perfect gift or something to keep for yourself. After all that work, no doubt, I’d want to keep it myself. 🙂 
5 free Snowflakes patterns The snowflakes are in a written pattern. . 
Christmas Stocking : Perfect to hang up with kids in the house.
Christmas Ornament Garland: Another simple pattern by Anoo’s Crochet. You’d want to hang these all around the house. 
Mini wreaths These are quick and easy enough to hang on every door or use as an ornament.
crochet patterns free pillow throw snowman

Santa ornament this pattern is free in english and French. 

Little Snowman: The cutest snowman I have seen on the web! 
Santa Cushion: Who wouldn’t want this little Santa on their chair? 
Snowflake Pillow A snowflake for your chair! 
Plaid Afghan: A warm and lacy afghan to cozy up in. 
 I hope you enjoyed this list. We have more inspirations and free patterns that we share daily on our facebook page. Do join our Facebook community. 
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