12 Simple Heart Projects To Crochet Right Now

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I have been in love with a few hearts patterns that are absolutely adorable! They are quick, simple and beginner level. If you are looking for last minute gifts or décor items to make then here are a few heart projects to crochet that you will definitely ::heart heart:: ! crochet heart patterns projects bracelets caps doilies

  1. Danish heart pattern This is an interweaved pattern that is simple to and yet fun to complete. It looks complicated and a work of art to gift away.
  2. Daisy dishcloth pattern . I am absolutely in love with this very pretty heart pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs. I’m thinking more along the lines of using a thicker yarn to even make a rug or place mat out of it.
  3. Heart band. This band is very simple to hook up. All you need are three crochet hearts and any simple band that you put together. I am sure you can make atleast a dozen of these in a day!
  4. Heart stitch This heart project is a stitch for all those of you looking to make a throw or a blanket. You can use this in a hat or any other way.
  5. Heart shaped granny It is just like a granny square but it is heart shaped. Quickly crochet them together for a shawl or a lacy hearts shrug.
  6. Drawstring bag Looking to make a bigger project? Try this very simple bag.
  7. Crochet heart bunting  Decorate a wall or a window with this fun bunting!
  8. Boho inspired pendants These pendants are perfect as keychains or little gift bookmarks.
  9. Hearts wall hanging Another fun project to decorate your walls or mantle with.
  10. Adorable key chain cushion  This is too cute really. I am sure, if you know some sensory person, they would love squeezing this in their hands all the time.
  11. Hand bracelet to gift to a lady friend or a special someone.
  12. Crochet ear flap cap. Last but not the least, a fun little cap for someone equally fun loving!

That is all folks. Hope you like my heart projects to crochet collection. Be sure to join me on my facebook page and Instagram for more ideas that I will be sharing!

Sharing with a friend!

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